Election Information

  1. Absentee Ballots

    Information about obtaining and returning an absentee ballot.

  2. Campaign Disclosure

    Read more about campaign finance and campaign signs and how they are regulated.

  3. Candidacy


  4. Election Results

    View current and past election results.

  5. Election Types

    Laws, rules, and procedures in Iowa elections may differ depending on the type of election. Explore some of the differences.

  6. Political Parties

    Information about political parties in regards to joining, voting, declaring, or contacting.

  7. Precinct Election Official

    The Clayton County Auditor’s Office accepts applications for election day precinct election officials on an ongoing basis. This is an important and exciting way to participate in democracy.

  8. Upcoming Elections

    Detailed information pertaining to different elections including the School Election, City Election, and Primary Election.

  9. Voter Lists

    Voter data is made available for political purposes only. Use of voter registration information for commercial purposes, such as debt collection or sales, or for any purpose other than those allowed by law is a serious misdemeanor (Code of Iowa, Section 48A.39). Persons purchasing lists must specify their political purpose.

  10. Voter Registration

    A voter registration form is used for new registrations and for updates/changes to current registrations.

  11. Voting Precincts

    Information about polling places in Clayton County including locations, voter totals, and precinct maps.