Jail & Communications Center

The Clayton County Sheriff's Office handles all the radio communication and dispatching for all the Law Enforcement, Fire Department's, and Emergency Medical Services. This includes 13 Fire Departments, 11 ambulance / First Responder Units, and 7 Law Enforcement agencies. The dispatch center is staffed with a minimum of 2 dispatchers at a time, 1 of which is also assigned to jail duties. Emergency and non-emergency calls are all answered by the dispatch center. The daily operations of the dispatch center are under the responsibility of the Sheriff and Jail Administrator. The dispatch center is staffed 24 hours a day 7 days a week. In the event of a power outage the dispatch center is able to stay operational due to on onsite backup generator that can run for days supplying power to the Law Enforcement Center.

Full Time Dispatch / Jail

Kathy Bahls
Cheryl Scott
Tracey Phillips
Kelly Fairbanks
Tori Ritchie
Tabitha Chambers
Tonya Wille
Brianna Martins
Kassidy Brandel
Mason Smith
Alyssa Schuler
Macy Barnhart


Part-Time Dispatch / Jail

Samantha Rumph
Dana Sperfslage
Amy Horns