Clerk of District Court

Linny Emrich

Office location:  Courthouse

Position:  state employee appointed by district court judges

  • Keeps an index of judgments and liens
  • Custodian of Grand Jury indictments and reports
  • Issues execution on judgments of record
  • Approves appearance bonds of criminals out on bond
  • Approves bonds of guardians, executors, and administrators
  • Appoints administrators of decedents and guardians of minors
  • Receives on deposit money due minors or heirs whose whereabouts are unknown
  • Issues commitments for persons delivered to the penitentiary or mental institutes
  • Acts as referee in probate
  • Custodian of all court records in law, equity, probate, criminal, juvenile, adoptions, small claims and traffic
  • In conjunction with County Auditor & County Recorder, draws grand jurors, petit jurors, and talesmen
  • Trustee of Workmen's compensation

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