Clayton County, Iowa


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Office Location:  22680 230th Street St Olaf Iowa 52072

Position:  elected to four year terms

The County Sheriff along with the County Attorney are chiefly responsible for enforcement of laws.  The county maintains a jail which the County Sheriff supervises.  Some of the duties of the County Sheriff are as follows:

  • Summon grand and petit jurors
  • Principal peace officer in the county
  • Execute and return all writs and other legal processes issued to him by lawful authorities
  • Custodian of the county jail and is responsible for all prisoners committed to him until discharged by law
  • Upon commitment from the Clerk of District Court, transport convicts to the penitentiary and patients to the state hospitals for the insane
  • Patrol all roads in the county
  • Assist other law enforcement agencies


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What's New in County 22 - October 2012

This month for “What’s New in County 22” I would like to enlighten everyone on the day to day activities of an inmate at the Clayton County Jail. 


What's New in County 22 - October 2011

Well it is that time of the year again.  Car deer accidents are on the rise and folks need to be on the lookout.  With all the corn coming out of the fields and the rut around the corner, deer are moving.  We’ve had two or three car/deer accidents just the last couple of mornings I’ve been out and I’m expecting it to get worse the next couple of weeks. 


What's New in County 22 - November 2011

This month in “What’s New in County 22?”, I would like to talk about what is probably in our near future, “Winter driving conditions”.


What's New in County 22 - May 2012

This last month at the sheriff’s office we have been extremely busy and you can tell spring has sprung, and summer is almost here.  It is also a time when we get our county boat in the water and do a little patrol.  This spring you will notice we have purchased a different boat and sold our old boat to the Guttenberg Fire Department.  The old boat was more of a flat bottom that hit the waves pretty hard which made it difficult to get somewhere on a windy day.  We purchased a used “V” bottom for $1,000 dollars less than what we sold our old boat for.  We wanted a “V” bottom because most of the time we go to the river for a drowning, we provide security and assist in keeping boaters away from the fire departments dragging operations to keep everyone safe.


What's New in County 22 - May 2011

My heart goes out to all the victims of tornadoes this spring and especially those in Joplin, MO.  My hunting partners and I usually stop in Joplin for breakfast on our way down south for our hunting trip in the spring.  They are very nice people.  This month I thought I would let you know how things work when conditions are right for a tornado in Clayton County.



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