Clayton County, Iowa

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Office Location:  22680 230th Street St Olaf Iowa 52072

Position:  elected to four year terms

The County Sheriff along with the County Attorney are chiefly responsible for enforcement of laws.  The county maintains a jail which the County Sheriff supervises.  Some of the duties of the County Sheriff are as follows:

  • Summon grand and petit jurors
  • Principal peace officer in the county
  • Execute and return all writs and other legal processes issued to him by lawful authorities
  • Custodian of the county jail and is responsible for all prisoners committed to him until discharged by law
  • Upon commitment from the Clerk of District Court, transport convicts to the penitentiary and patients to the state hospitals for the insane
  • Patrol all roads in the county
  • Assist other law enforcement agencies


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What's New in County 22 - July 2011

This month Sheriff Tschirgi has asked me to contribute to his What’s New in County 22 article. Seeing we are at the peak of summer activities I was asked to cover our river patrol duties. My name is Ryan Johnson and I am the Chief Deputy.  I oversee the jail, dispatch, reserve deputy division and our river patrol duties.


What's New in County 22 - January 2012


This month in “What’s New in County 22” I thought I would inform everyone on our health care services for inmates.  I am committed to providing quality health care services for the inmates of the Clayton County Law Enforcement Center. That’s why I am proud of the healthcare program I put in place two years ago for the inmates with its focus on raising the standard of inmate care while containing costs, despite an economy where expenses keep increasing. Prior to this program the sheriff’s office had to pay for any sick inmates that were not covered by insurance because they were in our care.  With its current program, the jail has cut costs for its medical program by more than half compared to what we were previously spending, saving nearly $30,000.


What's New in County 22 - February 2012

Just a reminder with spring approaching there may be some “Black Ice” forming in the mornings on the roadways and sidewalks.  I just went out to my woodstove this morning and fell on some and sprained my ankle.  It didn’t look that icy where I was walking.  Black ice is transparent and hard to see.  Please use caution and slow down while driving if you think it may be slippery.


What's New in County 22 - December 2011

Thanks to the mild winter we have been having, knock on wood, things have been slower than normal this time of year at the sheriff’s office.  I guess I shouldn’t say slower, just slower in the traffic accident department.  I’m sure winter is still coming and will probably come all at once so please drive safely. 


What's New in County 22 - August 2012

Tis’ the season to slow down a little.  This next month there are several reasons to slow down and take your time.  I mention this about every year but school is back in session.  Kids are crossing streets and school buses are stopped along the roads.  Also with the dry summer we’ve had I’m sure the farmer’s will be out in the fields again soon.  That is if there is a crop in some locations to pick?.  You will start seeing more tractors out on the road so use caution, especially when passing one.  The reason you need to pay closer attention is that you may need to do some defensive driving.  Watch out for the other guy.  A good friend of mine and his family members were just hit yesterday in a horrific accident by Rossville.  The driver of the other vehicle did not make it, which makes two fatalities in the northeastern counties of Iowa in two days!  Please use caution. 



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