Clayton County, Iowa

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  • Boards/Committees
  • Budgets
    All budgets must be certified to the Iowa Department of Management by March 15 annually.
  • Census Information

    Clayton County Census information.

  • City/Township Officials
    A listing of all elected officials for each city and township in Clayton County.
  • Clayton County Ordinances
    A listing of adopted ordinances in Clayton County.
  • County Holidays
  • Newsletters
  • Office Hours
  • Property Taxes
    The process of calculating property taxes consists of many steps.  This section provides a summary of the process starting with property assessment and ending with the disbursement of taxes to all levying bodies.  You can also find information regarding delinquent taxes and the tax sale process.  A more detailed description can be found in the Iowa Legislative Guide to Local Property Tax pdf document.
  • Visiting Nurses Association

    Office location:  County Office Building

    Certified Home Care

    Skilled home care services provided to any resident in need of home care. Services include nursing, home care aide, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and medical social worker. Clayton County VNA nurses work closely with your physician to provide for your health care needs.

    Maternal Health Services

    Prenatal and postpartum visits to new moms to assess well being of mom and infant, assess for high risk factors in the home, and ensure appropriate parenting and child care skills.

    Care for Frail Elderly

    • Home Care Aide and Homemaker Service - Supportive Services, including assistance with personal cares and homemaking to low income elderly and dependent clients in their homes.

    • Adult Health Maintenance - Nursing care for medically needy individuals with stable chronic conditions who are no longer eligible for Medicare home care coverage but can be maintained at home with intermittent nursing visits.

    • Foot Care Clinics - Nurses provide basic nail care, health assessments, teaching and referrals for seniors who need assistance with foot care.

    Immunization and Screening

    Immunization programs including vaccination for influenza, tetanus and Hepatitis B, as well as activities such as blood pressure screening.

    Communicable Disease Follow-Up

    Home and phone visits, epidemiology client education, assistance with access to medical treatment, and monitoring of medication treatment regime.
    • Child Health Case Management and Care Coordination – Focuses on ensuring that a child and his/her family’s long term needs are addressed by getting them into a medical and dental provider.

    • Immunization Clinics - Offers periodic immunizations for infants and children for uninsured and underinsured families who cannot afford to obtain the immunizations from a physician office. These clinics are a component of the Federal and State of Iowa Vaccine for Children Program.

    • Oral Health Services - Provides a variety of services to both uninsured and Title XIX children for screenings through WIC and VNA Child Health clinics. Also provides referral and funding for children with emergent dental conditions.

    • Lead Poisoning Prevention - Program providing lead screening and case management for families at risk for lead poisoning. Lead screenings are done at all WIC clinics.

    • EPSDT - Early Periodic Screening Diagnosis and Treatment. Assist families who quality for Title XIX in setting up well child physicals, immunizations, dental care, and other needed medical services in the community.

    • hawk-i (healthy and well kids in Iowa) is a low-cost or no-cost health care program designed for children ages 0-19. Hundreds of children in our community will unnecessarily spend time sick and in pain because their parents are unaware of the hawk-i option. The CCVNA goal is to give every child in our community access to health care. Contact either the CCVNA at 563-245-1145 or toll-free 888-836-7867 to speak with the CCVNA hawk-i Outreach Coordinator or call hawk-i at 1-800-257-8563 with any questions regarding applications, eligibility, or coverage.

    Iowa Department of Public Health

    The Clayton County Visiting Nurses Association works with the Iowa Department of Public Health. For further information regarding the Iowa Department of Public Health please visit their website.

    Board of Health Infrastructure

    Ensuring essential services within the Core Public Health Functions of Assessment, Policy Development, and Assurance are met. This is accomplished through monitoring the health status of the community, diagnosing and investigating, evaluating, enforcing laws and regulations, developing policies and plans, research, linking people to needed personal health services, assuring a competent public health workforce, informing, educating and empowering people, and mobilizing community partnerships.


    Phone:  (563) 245-1145

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