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November 5, 2019 City-School Election

In 2017, the Legislature revised Iowa's election schedule. The city and school elections have been combined in November of odd-numbered years. City elections are held to elect a variety of positions including: mayors, city council members, hospital trustees, park board members, and treasurers. Public measures are often included on the ballot. The number of council members and length of terms varies by city. 

The 2019 candidate list will be available after 8/26/19 .

View Candidate information and signature requirement here.


Some cities in Iowa require runoff elections if no candidate wins a majority of the vote. This is the case for Farmersburg only. Lots are drawn to break ties for other cities.

Cities in Other Counties

Some cities in Clayton County are primarily located in other counties. Elections for each district are administered by one county, called the "control county." For information about other city elections for districts that include parts of Clayton County, please contact the following County Auditor's offices:
  • City of Edgewood - Delaware County Auditor, Phone: 563-927-4701
  • City of Postville - Allamakee County Auditor, Phone: 563-568-3522
Elections in Edgewood and Postville are run by neighboring counties. Absentee ballots are sent by these counties, not by Clayton County.
  • Edgewood - Delaware County
  • Postville - Allamakee County

Sample Ballots

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