Voter Lists

Voter data is made available for political purposes only. Use of voter registration information for commercial purposes, such as debt collection or sales, or for any purpose other than those allowed by law is a serious misdemeanor (Code of Iowa, Section 48A.39).  Persons purchasing lists must specify their political purpose.  Our office can produce voter lists for Clayton County or for any state legislative or school district which includes part of Clayton County.  Congressional district and statewide lists may be ordered from the Iowa Secretary of State.

Note: Voter list prices were standardized statewide in May 2006.  There is a minimum $10.00 charge for any voter list.  All list requests are charged for data. This charge is $0.50 per 1000 records and is based on current information at the time the request is processed.

Information Available

The following data fields are available. Not all the listed fields will have information for every voter. Note: Under Iowa Code 48 A.38(f)., Social Security Numbers are no longer available (as of January 1, 2003).
  • Name
  • Physical Address
  • Mailing Address
  • Gender
  • Birth Date
  • Party Affiliation
  • Precinct
  • Split
  • Phone Number
  • Date Last Voted
  • Date Registered
  • Voter ID Number


Base Data Charge: $0.50 per 1000 records; $10.00 minimum (Cost is Applied to All Lists)
  • CD-ROM: $3.00 per CD, plus data charge.
  • Electronic Data (E-Mail, Flash): If the purchaser provides media, media charges are waived and the purchaser pays only the base data charge. Advance payment is required.
  • Mailing Labels: Includes the voter's name and mailing address.  Lists are by voter or by household.   The cost for labels is $0.40 per page (30 labels to a page), plus data charge.
  • Paper List: 15 voter records per page. Cost is $0.10 per page, plus data charge.

Cost Estimate Examples

To help explain our costs, estimated prices of two sample requests are listed.  These estimates are unofficial and for reference purposes only. Actual costs are made at time of preparation.

Examples of List Requests

Voter lists may have specific criteria such as: location (city, district, precinct, etc.), age or gender, registration date, party affiliation, absentee status, or voters participation. Note: Iowa presidential caucus attendance data is not available in electronic or printed format from our office.
 Sample Area County Elkader
Selected Records  11,853  1,016
Data Charge ($0.50 per 1000 selected records)
(Costs Applied to All Lists; $10 minimum)
 $10.00  $10.00
CDs ($3 per CD)  $3.00  $3.00
Print Charge ($0.10 per page, 15 voters per page)  $79.02  $6.77
Label Charge ($0.40 per page, 30 labels a page)  $158.04  $13.55