Voter Registration Card

Information on this page is specific to Clayton County, Iowa. If you do not live in Clayton County, Iowa, you need to contact the jurisdiction where you live to get a voter card.

Voter Cards

When you register to vote or change your registration, our office produces a new voter card for you. We also mail new voter cards to voters whose polling places or other information changes.

Each voter card will include a reply card you may use to make any corrections. If all your information is correct, do not return the card. If you need to change your name, address, phone number or party affiliation, simply make the corrections, sign the card, and mail it to our office. Within two weeks you should receive another new voter card with the corrected information.

We cannot accept changes over the phone or by email, since Iowa law requires a signature.

If you do not receive a card within two weeks, or if a card arrives in your mailbox for someone who is deceased or no longer lives at your address, please contact our office at 563-245-1106.

Voter Cards & Voting

You do not need your card in order to vote. Voter cards are provided for reference and information purposes and to allow you a chance to correct possible errors.

A voter card is not a form of identification.  If ID is required, you will need a photo ID and your voter card will not be sufficient. Most Iowa voters do not need to show ID when they vote. There are exceptions:
  • If you plan to register or change your address at the polls on Election Day
  • If you registered by mail and did not provide the correct identification number or documentation, your registration will be in "pending" status
  • If mail has been returned to our office indicating that you have moved outside the county, your registration will be in "inactive" status
If you are in “pending” or “inactive” status, you only need to show ID one time, and your status will be returned to the regular "active" status.