Eminent Domain Condemnation Compensation Commission


This board's duty is to appraise property that a government is purchasing under the eminent domain law. The property owner and the government are at conflict over the terms of the purchase and this board reports its findings to the district judge. The appointment to this board is on an annual basis.
NAME City Association
Dan Parker Guttenberg  Real Estate
Joe Sylvester Elkader Real Estate
Jeff Olson Guttenberg Real Estate
Randy Willie Strawberry Point Real Estate
Jean Green Guttenberg Real Estate
Carol Thomas Strawberry Point Real Estate
Nathan Trappe  Monona Real Estate
Suzanne Shirbroun  Farmersburg Farmer
Gary Kregel  Guttenberg Farmer
Nick Meyer  Monona Farmer
Kathy Wettleson  Postville Farmer
James Fuhrman  Volga Farmer
Amy Kelchen  Edgewood Farmer
Ron McCartney  Elgin Farmer
Arlys Fitzgerald  Elkader City Resident
Bob Hendrickson  Elkader City Resident
Andy Reimer  Garnavillo City Resident
Linzy Martin Strawberry Point City Resident
Susan Rausch Guttenberg City Resident
Tim Oliver  Guttenberg City Resident
Merritt Behnken  Monona City Resident
Brett Nagel  Greeley Banker
Luke Brady  Edgewood Banker
Austin Coon  Monona Banker
Jared Funk  Elkader Banker
Bill Tangeman  Guttenberg Banker
Taylor Swaney  Strawberry Point Banker
Keith Garms  Elkader Banker