Why are burn bans important?
Burn bans are likely to be requested every spring and fall. This year the state has seen near unprecedented dry conditions.

Fall winds and dry vegetation allow fires to spread very rapidly. Many people underestimate the fire risk during these extended periods of dryness placing them in high risk of becoming injured by outdoor fires. Many outdoor grass and yard waste fires are a matter of wanting to burn rather than establishing a need to burn.

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1. What does it mean when a burn ban is issued in my county?
2. Who can request a burn ban?
3. Can a camp fire, fire pit or back yard fire place be used during a burn ban?
4. What precautions must I take to have a campfire while a burn ban is in place?
5. What is the fine for violating a burn ban?
6. How do I find out if my county is in a burn ban?
7. Why are burn bans important?
8. Are there any provisions to burn during a burn ban?