Dispatchers & Jailers

Clayton County currently employs 12 Dispatchers / Jailers. Every Dispatcher / Jailer is certified to work in both the dispatch center and jail. Each Dispatcher/Jailer has completed a 40 hour jail school, 40 hour dispatch school, and a 24 hour BIST school.  The Dispatch Center and Jail are overseen by Jail Administrator Chad Werger and Sheriff Tschirgi.

The Clayton County Sheriff's Office also provides security for the Clayton County Courthouse and Clayton County Office Building.

Full Time Dispatch / Jail

  • Kathy Bahls
  • Kelly Fairbanks
  • Brenda Fassbinder
  • Amy Horns
  • Tracey Pillips
  • Autumn Pope
  • Tori Ritchie
  • Cheryl Scott
  • Chris Scott
  • Eric Van Horn
  • Tabitha Chambers

Dispatcher/Jailers standing together in uniform in an office

Courthouse Security

  • Larry Crubaugh
  • Dave Tschantz

Part-Time Dispatch / Jail


  • Samantha Kohls
  • Austin Zuercher
  • Tonya Wille
  • Brandon Taylor